Monday, July 1, 2013

紙編熱氣球 Paper Hot Air Balloon

暌違了兩年多(其實是偷懶。。。),終于再度有機會回到了最愛的紙模愛好來了~~~ 太久沒動工了,怕手指不夠靈活(是有多僵硬啦!)技巧也生疏了(明明之前也沒半點。。。)所以就挑了 PinInterest 上碰巧看到的,很可愛的紙編熱氣球來熱身~~ ^_^ 作者的鏈接在這裡 PaperMatrix 網站

It's been more than two years since I last played any papercraft, kinda miss it :P How I wish it's 48hrs instead of 24 in a day! Recently I've been wandering around on PinInterest website (a great site with thousands of hobbies and DIY stuffs!) and came across this Hot Air Balloon paper weaving, it's so amazing! Hence,I wanna do some of my own using templates provided by the author~ ^_^ Links to the HotAir Balloon at PaperMatrix

These are the cut outs of patterns provided in the template. Basically a spiral shape and two little simple shape cut outs. In order to weave the hot air ballon, u will need two spiral shape cut outs.

To start with, place the two spiral shape with opposite side on each other, and then start the weaving, overlapping one and another.

After weaving for like 3rd or 4th layer, it will be weaving a round shape and it is time to use clips to enhance the weaving, otherwise it will be very loose and hard to continue weaving.

編織到最後就變成這個樣子,熱氣球出來了~~  ^_^
Continue weaving until the end, and you will have you hot air balloon shape!

Then move on to the little carriage of the hot air balloon, it is much easier compare to the weaving, but the outcome looks cute too.

Hot Air Balloon Completed!

Here is a marvelous photo of these hot air balloon by the author, great isn't it?

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